Naeem Trading Company always strives to provide excellent customer service. We believe in building long-term relations with our clients.

“Working with NTC has always felt like working at home. The management (of NTC) is very helpful & caring”

–  MUHAMMAD ASIF – Head of Creato Construction Group

“With Naeem Trading Company, one is always certain that the product quality will be excellent.”

–  Salman Tariq – CEO Seasons Group of Companies



”I have been in the business for the last 20 years and so has been my relationship with NTC. My own house has products from NTC. I like NTC because it is continuously striving for the best and all the product innovations in the market are coming from it. I would definitely recommend Naeem Trading Company.” 

 – Faisal Rasul from Faisal Rasul Architectural Consultancy



“My father has been affiliated with NTC for the last 25 years and our company has built a relationship of trust with these people. The company that has the owner at its front always willing to cater to the queries of the customers wins their heart and that’s exactly how NTC is like.”

–  Zain Zahid, the Chief Architect, and CEO of Archi Hive

Hear what our satisfied customer Maj. Gen. (R). Sohail Shafqat (Professional Construction Company) has to say about the quality and service of Naeem Trading Company and how he formed a long term relationship with our company.



”We are going to work on a project of 1200 apartments in a while and Naeem Trading Company will be with us (Insha’Allah) because I don’t think we can find anyone more trustworthy than them.”

 – MAJ. Irshad. General Manager, Karakoram Enterprises