How to revamp your old boring door


Tired of your bedroom’s boring door or the old front door and are tight on the budget already? Well, you don’t necessarily need to change the door. Get the door revamped without having to stretch your budget.

Changing the paint and décor of the house demands the door to be revamped. And getting a new door altogether may sound overwhelming for you. So, sit back while we show you creative ways to give your door a refreshing new look without having to change it.

Accessorize it

If you want to revamp your entry door, make things more fun by adding a door knocker to it. A door knocker not just only fulfills the purpose of a doorbell but also changes the look of your door. And to be honest, many doors have door knockers just for the aesthetic purpose. A lot of interesting door knockers are available in the market.

Photo by Anthony R on Unsplash

Try playing around with the options; a tribal or animal engraved one will give the door a very rustic look, then there are these vintage ones that look essentially the same except in the material.

Change the door handle. Brands like Olivari have an exceptional range of door handles that can make any door look times 10 its actual visual appeal. The door handles constitute an integral part of your door. It needs to be comfortable, has a solid grip, and go with the door at the same time. So, try getting a new door handle that is not just too dull to be noticed but adds to the aesthetic appeal of your door.

Paint it

Painting a door seems a rather obvious choice. You can get your door polished as well but that too doesn’t add much at times.

Paint your door with a popping color. Don’t be afraid of experimenting with bold colors; it can rejuvenate your door. Try red, yellow, violet, blue or go for the pastel ones if you want. You don’t have to give a monotone to the door. Use patterns, stripes, or anything that goes with the rest of the room.

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Make sure you rub off all the dust with grit sandpaper before painting it. Add a finishing coat if the color requires it. You can also add a protective coat for saving it against the daily wear and tear.

Use Glass

If you are revamping a connecting room’s door or a living room’s, use glass to make your door look even more interesting.

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You can cut out the upper mid-section (or the entire mid-section if you want) and replace it with glass. It will also make your house look more spacious. If you have a small house, try using glass in one of the doors. You can also add a strip of glass or a make a window of it on the door.

Think out of the box and don’t hesitate trying something new (as long as it looks interesting).

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