7 Inspiring Movies to Watch for Home Decor


Who among us doesn’t love watching movies? We all secretly wait for the weekend to arrive so we can chill with our loved ones or friends and watch movies. But when it comes to picking out the perfect movie – we all seem to be lost. If you’re one of the people trying to decide the movie for the weekend, we see you. You need not fret over choosing the perfect movie anymore because we’re going to give you a list of 7 inspiring movies you must watch, especially if you need ideas for a dreamy, movie-like home revamping and decoration.

All of these movies have a great storyline. The cherry on top of the cake is that they all will give you a beautifully breathtaking insight into home decoration. So, without keeping you away any longer, let’s take a look at this list.


If you love cooking or enjoy the occasional time in the kitchen – this movie is for you!

Not only will you enjoy the plotline, but the kitchen set up in the movie would amaze you too. You’d be surprised to see how space can be used effectively in confined kitchen spaces.

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The Great Gatsby

The roaring twenties was a time to be alive! With urban and suave chandeliers and larger than life, grandiose interior, the movies rightly capture the essence of the twentieth century. For anyone who is in love with classical chandeliers and is looking to add glitz and glamour to their home, they should watch this movie for inspiration.

Source: Architectural Digest

Gone Girl

For those of you who have watched the movie, you’d know that Gone Girl is a pretty, dark movie and provokes one to question the motive and intentions of the people around them. But, we urge you to watch it again. Only this time, focus more on the interior of the house. You’d notice the cozy and comfortable colors and the modern touch in the design of the interior.

If you want to re-decorate your house in the image of a modern yet minimal setting, Gone Girl is the movie to take inspiration from.

Source: Scene Therapy

Revolutionary Road

A part of the movie itself rotates around the idea of homemaking. This makes it the perfect movie to watch if you want to give your house a homely touch. The living area in the movie is filled with modern art and comfortable seats. From subtle wall colors to the use of yellow in the kitchen, the movie captures the image of home in the perfect manner.

Source: CineGleaner

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Get Out

Apart from the outrightly horrifying and eye-opening plot, the movie does give out a major country home vibe. The minimal design of the study room is worth watching and taking inspiration from. The colors in the living room and the bedrooms are also subtle. They make up for homely wall paint.

So, watch Get Out to have your brains blown out but also take a thing or two about country theme home decor.

Source: The Film Experience

The Truman Show

Just as the name suggests, the movie is a remarkable piece of art. But what’s more important than the plot is the setting of the movie. The home in which the protagonist, Truman lives is inspirational for those looking to revamp their house decor. Filled with picture frames and paintings, it is a must to add in your list of inspiring movies.

The attic room is also a genius insight into how you can make use of your extra attic space.

Source: Paintings in movies

Bohemian Rhapsody

If you are a bohemian decor lover, you’d love watching this movie too. There is great attention to detail present in this movie. All the sets of the house, including the Queen’s, are perfectly in line with the bohemian theme.

This movie will give you great advice on how to make use of rugs and all the antique, bohemian things lying around in your home.

Source: Movie Travel

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So, don’t just sit idly and lazy. Pick out the one you want to watch from this list of inspiring movies and prepare the popcorns and drinks. Grab your notepad and see how our showrooms can inspire your imagination to recreate similar designs at your home.

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